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Resident Information

All residents are required to complete the Resident Information Form. This form collects contact information for each resident, including an emergency contact; what vehicles are parked in the community; and what pets reside in each unit. This form should be completed on an annual basis; the association will send a reminder requesting updated information each spring. If your information changes midyear, particularly in regard to the contact information, please update the form and provide it to the Site Manager. Resident Information Form

Parking Policy

Parking at Stratford Place is only for residents of the community and their guests. Parking for other purposes, such as visiting the Fairfax County parkland behind the community, is prohibited. On Ashby Lane, each unit is assigned one numbered parking space. If you are unsure which spot is associated with your unit, please contact the Site Manager for assistance. Vehicles found parked in numbered spaces assigned to another unit are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense without advance notice. When Ashby Lane residents are having guests, including maintenance and facility contractors, please make them aware of the parking rules and advise them to park in a “visitor” space. There is no assigned parking on Wigmore Lane.

Move In/ Move Out Parking Information: Residents moving should contact on-site property manager prior to parking moving trucks and or parking storage pods in the community.

Trash and Recycling Policy

Trash is collected twice a week – Tuesday and Friday – by American Disposal Services. Trash should be placed in heavy-duty bags (to prevent scavengers such as raccoons and crows from breaking open the bag and strewing the contents) at the curb starting no earlier than 7 p.m. the night before. Since the trash may be picked up starting at 7 a.m., please be sure to place everything at the curb before that time. DO NOT place trash at the curb at any other times.

Recycling is collected once a week – Thursday – by American Disposal Services. Recycling should be placed in a plastic recycling bin or paper bag. Cardboard boxes must be collapsed. Cardboard boxes too large to be placed in the bin or bagged may be stacked. Recycling should be placed at the curb no earlier than 7 p.m. the night before. Since the recycling may be picked up starting at 8 a.m., please be sure to have all recycling at the curb before that time. DO NOT place recycling at the curb at any other times. Trash and recycling is not picked up on some federal holidays nor in adverse weather.

For bulk items requiring a special pickup, things such as sofas, mattresses and TVs, schedule a special pickup by calling American Disposal Services at 703-368-0500 or by filling out an online request form on its website.

For disposal of unacceptable trash items, including paint, hazardous materials and electronics, please refer to the website for details.

Pet Policy

The By-Laws for the Association permit the keeping of one pet per unit within the condominium. The weight of a pet is not to exceed 40 pounds. Pets must be maintained in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Association and applicable Fairfax County ordinances. They may be removed if deemed to be a nuisance. Pets must be on a leash (not to exceed 6 feet in length) at all times, and owners are responsible for the pickup and disposal of their pet’s waste.

Balconies and Patios

As limited common elements, your balcony or patio is for your private use and enjoyment. As such, cleaning and housekeeping are your responsibility. Safe and appropriate use of your balcony or patio is your responsibility. Any items placed or stored on the balcony must comply with condominium rules and regulations.

The use of outdoor cooking equipment is prohibited except for UL-approved electric grills.

Balconies and patios are not to be used for storage. Bicycles, strollers, toys, kayaks, storage containers, trash cans and other items should be kept in units or in storage closets. Drying or airing clothing is prohibited, as is bird feeding.

Tiki torches, candles and other open-flame devices are also prohibited on balconies and within 15 feet of buildings, in accordance with Fairfax County law.

Firewood may only be stored on balconies and patios from October 1 through April 1.

Emergency Service

Through the Management Company, the Association provides an emergency response and repair service. During normal office hours, emergencies should be reported directly to the Site Manager at 703-971-9647. After business hours or on weekends and holidays, call the Legum & Norman corporate office emergency phone number at 703-600-6000.

What is Considered an Emergency?

  1. Major plumbing leaks in any unit areas or walls carrying pipes common to other units.
  2. Roof leaks or leaks from exterior walls.
  3. Lights out in entire building.
  4. No water.
  5. Sewer backup.
  6. Gas leaks (Wigmore Lane). Evacuate the premises immediately and call 911 and Washington Gas Emergency Leak Line at 703-750-1400 or at 800-752-7520.
  7. Alarms sounding should be reported by calling 911.

NOTE: For ceiling leaks on lower floors, residents should check with their upstairs neighbors.Please get in touch with On-Site Manager Claudia Guzman at 703-971-9647 or cguzman@legumnorman.com.

Life threatening situations and what appears to be criminal activity should be reported directly to Fairfax County emergency personnel by dialing 911.

For suspicious activity, loitering, vandalism and other non-life-threatening situations, contact the Fairfax County non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.


Any vehicle that is parked in violation of the Association’s Resolution on Parking Rules and Regulations is subject to enforcement under Article III of the Resolution. Any vehicle parked in violation on the Common Elements or in a reserved parking space without permission is subject to towing and being stored at the owner’s sole expense and risk.

Should your vehicle be towed, please contact Dominion Towing at 703-339-2400.

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