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Real Estate Agents

Stratford Place requests that real estate agents representing buyers or sellers in the
community adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

  • We would appreciate your letting Claudia Guzman, our Site Manager, know of any upcoming open houses. Claudia may be contacted during normal business hours at 703-971-9647.
  • Signs may be placed within the community only on the day of the open house. These signs are those directing visitors to the home being shown and one sign in front of the respective building. These signs must be taken down after the open house is over.
  • Signs may not be placed in the windows of the home being listed and/or shown. Please do not post “brochure boxes” in the front of buildings.
  • Agents should instruct their clients to park in spaces designated “visitor” when on Ashby Lane. Visitors found to be parked in numbered spaces, which are assigned to residents of Stratford Place, are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense without advance notice. Wigmore Lane has open parking.
  • Agents should please tell their clients to contact on- site property manager prior to parking moving trucks or storage pods in the community.
  • Once a property is no longer listed, please be sure to remove the lock box from the front building door or railings or the unit door.
  • Agents please be aware that only carpeting is allowed on upper-level units. Any other kind of flooring is currently prohibited in accordance with  Stratford Place By-laws.
  • All units in Stratford Place have either wood burning or gas fireplaces. Ashby Lane fireplaces are wood burning and those on Wigmore Lane are gas.

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